Sports Massage ‘Lite’ offer – just £20

If you made it your New Year’s resolution to go to the gym for the first time and you’ve been working really hard to keep it, it’s about this time of the year when you’re feeling pretty sore and your motivation begins to wain. Fear not – as I’m here to help.
If you’ve never had any kind of sports massage and therefore don’t know how good it feels and how it can help you recover after your training session then I’m offering you the chance to try it out!

A Sports Massage ‘Lite’ appointment is 30 minutes long and costs just £20!

Woman exhausted on the treadmill
Is this you at the gym?

You can choose to focus on either your legs or back/shoulders – whichever you’ve been working on. This isn’t for those who have an issue that they would like looked at – for that you’ll need to book a full Initial Assessment. But if you want to try out a general flush and loosening then this is a great opportunity. Appointments are available both day and evening (subject to availability) and if you decide you like it – you’ll get 10% discount off the price of a full Initial Assessment appointment too!

Terms and Conditions
1: New customers only
2: Only 1 Sports Massage Lite appointment per customer
3: These are a general taster session and won’t treat any specific problem.
4: Offer runs until 8th Feb 2019

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