All About Me

Soft Tissue Therapist in Crowborough

Me jumping my horse Karak

My Story

Hi, I’m Kerry White - founder of Recover Repeat Soft Tissue & ScarWork Clinic. My background is in the business side of professional sport and in particular Sports Marketing. For 15 years, I had lots of fun (and success) persuading people to go horse racing but as with many things, when children come along, life had to change! My degree was in sports science from the University of Northumbria and I’ve always had a real interest in how the body works and sports performance. (I could often be found hanging round both treatment rooms and the stables!) When I was 23, I bought my dream horse - a huge white Irish Sports horse who spent most of his life jumping big jumps. Therefore as he got older, I became more aware of the forces going through his body to lift half a tonne of weight through the air and of course, land. I looked for answers as to what I could do to help him and went away to train in Equine Massage. I loved it (and so did he) but as I was still working in a day job, I kept it as a hobby. After having my eldest son, I met a friend who had just trained in human sports massage and after musing over a few fun collaborative ideas between horses and riders, she announced she was moving and suggested I took over the humans myself. So I did!

Change of career

So I trained as a Sports Massage therapist at the prestigious North London School of Sports Massage (NLSSM). I am fully insured, a member of the Sports Massage Association (SMA) and on the Complementary and National Health Care register (CNHC) At the 2017 SMA conference I was introduced to Scar Work by the wonderful Emma Holly. I love this side of my work as it can make such a change to a person’s life. I have since gone on to become an Advanced MSK scar work practitioner.


In 2015 the Recover Repeat clinic was born and has continued to grow. It has bought me in contact with some lovely people who each have helped to expand my skills. In 2018, I competed at the inaugural UK Massage Championship, finishing 4th in the Advanced Massage Category. In 2019, I was chosen to be one of the Small Business Saturday’s ‘Small Business 100’ - a select group of 100 UK businesses chosen to be showcased. On a personal level, I live with my husband, two sons and a flatcoated retriever called Loxley in Crowborough on the edge of the beautiful Ashdown Forest.