Benefits of Sports Massage & Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy

Traditionally, sports people only sought out sports massage once an injury had been sustained but the benefits of Sports Massage and Soft Tissue therapy are numerous and it actually forms an important role in general maintenance and can prevent an injury occurring. ‚Äč It is believed that sports massage impacts on the following bodily systems:

Muscular System

Releasing soft tissue tension, relieving stiffness, decreasing muscle spasms, releasing restrictions, softening and realigning scar tissue and loosening up adhesions all helping to restore optimal function.

Skeletal System

By releasing tension and restrictions in soft tissue, it can help to re-establish a balance in muscle function where needed and  increase mobility and flexibility, thus reducing the stress on joints.

Cardiovascular System

 By increasing blood flow, it can assist in bringing more oxygen and nutrients to tissue and removing waste products.

Nervous System

Massage stimulates a variety of sensory receptors which can either stimulate or soothe nerves.  It can also reduce pain levels due to endorphine release.

Lymphatic System

Massage can assist the immune system by promoting fluid movement through the tissue.