What happens at the initial appointment?

We will start the session with a general chat.  I need to take some medical history from you as there are many things that may be relevant to your treatment and which I need to be aware of.  All information you give me is kept strictly confidential.  The appointment is 60 minutes in length and will consist of around 35 – 40 mins treatment.

What should I wear?

Please wear loose fitting shorts so I can access the legs easily and a t-shirt. Ladies will find it easier to work with a normal fastening bra rather than a sports bra.

Will it hurt?

Sports Massage has a reputation for being painful but that is never the intention. I communicate with my clients to check their pain levels,  ensuring that they are ok. However, it is true to say that after certain techniques, you may be left feeling ‘bruised’ for 24 hours. It should not last any longer.

ScarWork is very gentle and should not hurt at all.

What happens after my treatment?

 Everyone reacts differently to a massage.  Some people have an overwhelming sense of tiredness.  Some people can be affected emotionally.  I would always advise you to drink plenty of water after every appointment and if possible, have a take things fairly easy for the remainder of the day.  As an aside many of my clients report that they have a really good nights sleep after a treatment

Can I have a treatment after eating?

I would recommend eating a light snack around 45 minutes to an hour before your appointment.

I have an injury – can I have a massage?

There is no short answer to this.  It depends.  As a general rule, if there is inflammation/redness/heat or swelling in the area then it is too soon to have soft tissue work. If you are in this situation, please call for a chat prior to your appointment.